Shanghai jianping have a proven history of immediately responding to customers technical issues. Due to our global infrastructure and technically advanced equipment, support can be provided 24*7, anywhere in the world.
Many of today's technical problems with balancing machines or processes can be quickly diagnosed and resolved by phone, email and remote diagnostics via the internet. This reduces the need and costs involved with engineers attending site and ensures optimum production levels are established in the quickest possible time. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely then the majority of diagnostics will have already been carried out ensuring that any site visits are reduced to the shortest required time without compromising on quality.
Shanghai jianping offer the most advanced remote diagnostics feature in the market place today. By supplying an internet connection to the balancer, by hardwire, wireless or 3G, a fully trained Shanghai jianping engineer can take control of the balancers measuring system to review the comprehensive diagnostics tools until the problem is resolved